“Mario’s flawless teaching style combined with his extensive experience and knowledge curates an authentic experience that immerses you into the essence of yoga” Will Hunt (read article here)


On-Line Classes

Weekly Wednesday 60min. class 7:00 AM PST

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Public Classes 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30 AM at Yoga One Love, Puerto Escondido, MEX



Private Classes

 Whether you are new to yoga and want to learn the basics or you are an experienced yogi willing to take your practice to the next level, One-on-One lessons create the perfect flexible-intimate environment to achieve your goals.



Training Programs

Aswattha Yoga is pleased to offer a variety of Teacher Training Programs based on the principles and experience contained in the Aswattha Method©.



 Accessible Yoga Sessions AYTT®

Accessible Yoga sessions are approached in a trauma-informed manner, expressing the many ways that yoga practice can be modified to suit students with disabilities or life and mobility limiting conditions, as well as seniors. 



Corporate Yoga

This format is specially designed to ease tension throughout the work week of your team. Classes introduce Yoga in an accessible way to boost both, wellness and productivity in your company.