Training – Aswattha Yoga



“A program designed to elevate your teaching performance to a newer level”


JANUARY 16-20th 

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 “what you will learn”


Regardless the type of yoga you teach, this program will help you understand better the specifics of your role as a teacher.

Methodology oversees group management techniques, communication skills and teaching strategies to ensure you successfully and efficiently deliver the type of class desired at any time.




The skill of sequencing goes beyond grouping a series of poses without direction or purpose.

Understanding the fundamentals of asana and biomechanics is key to ensure the best experience for your students when it comes  to offering safe transitions,  working with levels and modifications or creating classes with a specific structure, pace and intensity.




Learn the art of adjustments from a new and safe perspective to access different techniques and strategies that will empower your teaching practice, enhance your students experience and help them reach higher levels of alignment, depth and release. 



“is this training for me?”

Whether you have been teaching for years or are just considering to start, the Tune-Up training will give you the necessary tools to provide the highest level service for your students.


“Share with the world what you love the most, at its best”


Understanding that practicing, knowing and teaching Yoga are three different things and a particular set of skills is required for anyone willing to efficiently deliver a coherent, safe and professional class experience.  


Regardless the type of yoga you teach (or want to teach), if you have some previous training and believe you could use a boost to gain extra confidence and empower yourself becoming in control of how and what you offer as a teacher, then this is your program!



“After two years teaching yoga I wanted to learn further, to be able to step out of my comfort zone.
This training provided me the right guidance and tools to give a better experience to my students.
I am now able to leave my mat, talk with clarity, give myself more time to pay attention to the class and give adjustments.
Mario is cheerful and humble and supported me all the way to blossom as the teacher I wanted to be.
I definitely recommend it!”

Floriane Brossaud, France



“As a yoga instructor with years of teaching under my belt, Read More
this training was precisely what I needed to take my classes, as well as personal practice, to the next level. I enjoyed a full, robust schedule complete with lectures on theory, anatomy, alignment and class planning with plenty of hands-on sessions and opportunities to teach. The five days flew by as the group quickly formed and nurtured bonds.
I took so much away from this experience

Roman Finkel, USA



“Fresh out of my first 200h YTT, Mario’s program gave me the confidence I needed.Read More
Confidence in knowing and understanding the mechanics behind asanas, confidence to work closer with my students through adjustments and confidence in my personal way of teaching. Especially in finding my own style. It was amazing to experience the journey of how to create a class focused on combining the physical purposes and goals while finding a theme or spiritual intention and knowing there is no right or wrong way of doing it.
This program gave me the extra nudge I needed to teach how I want to teach

Karla Bisp, Denmark



“program details”

5 days / AM + PM sessions

50 hours accredited certification

50% practice 40% theory 10% study

training material provided

meals and accommodation not included


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“further questions?”

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JANUARY 16-20th 

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