“Aswattha, that which will NOT remain the same till tomorrow.”

Aswattha Yoga is the project created by international instructor Mario Batres with the intention of sharing his experience and unique vision on the transformative path of Yoga.


The Aswattha Method is a Vinyasa-Krama practice based in the art of preparing body and mind for what comes next
both on and off the mat.


At a physical level, this holistic practice focuses in conscious alignment and breath awareness. By exploring the use of asana and movement as means to self expression the practitioner organically unfolds a state
of relaxation, happiness and true freedom.


Progressively and through the incorporation of diverse tools from the ancient traditions the practice slowly expands reaching deeper levels within. It is here where the yoga experience finally transcends the limits of the mat and seeks integration in daily life.



Based in Northern California, Mario has been an active member of San Francisco’s yoga community for over a decade teaching classes and workshops as well as imparting training programs and leading retreats both nationally and internationally.


Over the years Mario has studied intensively with renowned teachers in the US, India and Europe in the disciplines of Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Nada Yoga.
In a personal way, Mario blends all his knowledge from his experiences with different traditions to create a rich and vibrant experience for his students.


Mario finds inspiration in the real situations and daily struggles of life, and is motivated to help others manage to stay in an open-hearted, positive and mindful state amidst it all.


When not in the mat you can find Mario hiking the highest peaks on the Himalayas, trekking through Thailand’s jungle or crossing Sahara’s desert. As an adventurous traveler he always finds challenges to keep him in touch with his higher self.