About – Aswattha Yoga

“Aswattha, that which will NOT remain the same till tomorrow.”

Aswattha Yoga is a project created by international instructor Mario Batres with the intention of sharing his experience and unique vision on the transformative path of Yoga.


Mario’s dynamic teachings focuses on conscious alignment, proper breathing, mind-body awareness and the use of  asana as the ultimate tool of self expression in the pursuit and integration of the yoga experience.


Originally from Spain, Mario was once an active member of San Francisco’s yoga community where he lived for over a decade. It was in California, under Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi’s mentoring from iconic Laughing Lotus, that Mario begins his teaching career.



Over the years Mario has studied with other renowned teachers in the USA, India and Europe, such as Mark Whitwell, Rusty Wells, BNS Iyengar from Mysore and the historic faculty team at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chenai. Achieving thousands of teaching hours as a mentor and facilitator, firmly committed to his mission and always providing a professional, soulful and vibrant experience for his students.


Mario currently lives in Mexico and facilitates training programs and retreats around the world.